jody siu

who i am

A Bay Area native always dreaming of some place else in the world. Taking inspiration from life experiences in hopes to complete a story told through designing objects. I'm a design professional and it all started from childhood. Never giving my hand or imagination a break, I realized later in life, that I've always been gifted a passion for creation. From the art of paper folding, fashion, architecture, graphic design, and daily objects that fill our environments -- I have and will always want my hands in it. I thought this may have been a serious case of indecisiveness but in actuality...I'm building sections of my design arsenal which will one day culminate into a lifestyle brand.

areas of expertise:

Graphic Design

Brand Identity

On-line Marketing

Fashion Design

my quirks:

I will find a reason to create anything.


Love may call this daydreaming.


Take joy in cooking, with a particular affinity to clay pot dishes and mushrooms.


Love love love german shepherds...I'm convinced they have superhero powers!


I really don't like cats but somehow have a growing collection of cat bags.


If you'll allow me, I whistle while working.


I'm fascinated by matilija poppies.


My favorite potato chips are ruffles sour cream and cheddar.


There's much much more, but this is probably more than you can take...